​Contacts: Marjorie Laney at: 763-537-9007 or 314-402-3362​

Denise Green at:   314-398-7968

web address:  www.sisjo.org ​

Sister Josephine Laney had a dream one day over 35 years ago about reaching out to the incarcerated in of St. Louis, MO and also surrounding areas and states by writing letters to the incarcerated men in jail to encourage them and try to give them hope in Jesus as their Lord and Savior in which she was successful with many.

 She also became registered under Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship Ministry, and has been serving at Clayton Justice Center by volunteering her time every Saturday for the past 18 years, by going in to teach the women who are incarcerated for various reasons, about Jesus Christ, and what it takes to make him their Savior and Lord. 

This has been her passion all these years to bring the bright light to the ladies there that have been placed in jail over the years.  In doing this she has had the experience of reaching women of various ages as she has done with the men in past years as well.





                         OUR MISSION

​​​They are who our Vision and Mission are all about and we need your help as well!

To someday establish temporary housing for women in transition to better educate them with Christian values along with educating them with standards that will prepare them for life in society. 

To help to improve the standards of women affected by incarceration,by helping them to become spiritually grounded in preparation for reentry back into families and society.


                                 REACHING OUT AND HELPING THOSE IN NEED

​​Sister Josephine's Outreach Ministry

P.O. Box 4152

St. Louis, MO 63136

Nonprofit 501c3


​​​Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In. (Isaiah 58:12) NKJV

*We are reaching out to the Incarcerated women, children, families and community. Your prayers and support are needed by us on a daily basis.  We also welcome volunteers members.  Come and join us in our mission to help not only to help others, but to also help to build their foundation in Christ!!!*

                            OUR VISION